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OFF_CENTRE: Draft #1 Digital Copy




    OFF_CENTRE is a new artistic research journal presenting and sharing a process of thinking through ~ devised by Katy Morrison as a way to ferment research for PINK. 


    OFF_CENTRE emerged out of an interest in what alternative curatorial practices and collaborative research methods might come forward during this current crisis; as we ask:


    ​How can research be done and shared amongst multiple people; and gradually developed to reveal new ways of thinking and knowing, together?


    It is the unfolding of an active, living idea that aims to develop an interdisciplinary dialogue on a chosen subject to understand how multiple perspectives on a local, national and international scale might be productively combined to explore the potential for future discussions and collaborations. 


    ​Contributors for Draft #1:


    Jordan Hayward, Jas Lucas, Joshua Leon, Rafal Zajko, Rosana Antoli, Lorenzo Sandoval, Kara Chin, Amba Sayal Bennett, Mel Galley, James Schofield, Matthew De Kersaint Giraudeau, Andrea Kerstens, Maisie Pritchard, Harriet Morley, Ella Mottram, John Carney, Emily Tilzey, Publib, Evelina Tracuma, Bryony Dawson.


    ​Design by bruï studio


    OFF_CENTRE: Draft #1 is supported by Arts Council England, but we want to be able to continue growing this project, as a resource and a space for on-going opportunities to think through ideas together. 


    To achieve this, all proceeds from the sales of Draft #1 will go back into the project ensuring we can deliver the aims and ambitions of OFF_CENTRE as best we can. 


    OFF_CENTRE: Draft #1 Digital Copy

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