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About our studios


Thank you for your interest in our new studios.

This is an exciting new venture, one that we’ve been dreaming of for sometime now.


Over the last few years, PINK has worked to foster a vital artistic community in Manchester. Since our relocation to Stockport, we have grown our creative offering to include five light-filled private studios that serve as the creative hub for our artists. These studios are priced at £200 per month (inclusive of utilities) and are available on a rolling monthly contract with a one-month notice period, ensuring flexibility for your workspace needs.


We also have five floating studio spots available for professionals in the arts, including curators, writers, designers, illustrators, and others seeking flexible desk space within our dynamic creative community. These spaces are available at £100 per month, which includes all utilities, and are also available on a rolling monthly contract with a one-month notice period. 

Both our private and floating studios are fully equipped with facilities including:


  • WiFi

  • A shared kitchenette with a fridge/freezer and microwave

  • Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities

  • 3 gender neutral toilets

  • 2 passenger lifts

  • A concierge service

  • 24/7 access

  • Low-cost on-site parking


Renting a studio is a commitment, but we're here to help you make it a rewarding investment. As a studio holder at PINK, you'll have access to our gallery space in between activities. You'll also benefit from monthly one-on-one sessions with PINK Director Katy Morrison, offering guidance and support to assist with your specific development needs. Plus, studio holders enjoy discounts on PINK’s ticketed events and workshops, adding even more value to your experience with us.


All our private studios are currently occupied, but if you’re interested in securing a floating studio space, or would like to be added to our private studio waiting list, please get in touch:

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