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Machines of Discourse | Liam Fallon
  • Machines of Discourse is an extended essay produced by Liam Fallon to coincide with his new sculptural installation, Courtship (2021). 


    Courtship (2021) explores the utilisation of objects and acts and their potential to perform an abstract notion; bringing the experiential idea of courting into the physical arena filtered through the Greek creation story by Aristophanes. This story tells the origins of human beings as interconnected, who became physically separated by a lightning bolt thrown by Zeus after embarking on a quest to climb Mount Olympus. Cast back into the world, these beings spent the rest of their days trying to locate one another; yearning for the other half, the bit that’s missing. 


    Taking the form of a trebuchet, Courtship presents a sculptural speculation, inviting us into a performative narrative where the object takes centre stage and becomes the protagonist. Using an ever familiar recipe of materials, Courtship explores a combination of MDF, paint and rope creating an imposing structure that serves as a tool to be used by these hybrid people to find their other halves; capturing them so that they’re never parted again.


    With special thanks to Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre, M3 Industries, SEESAW and 86 Princess Street for supporting and making this installation possible. 


    Design by Brui Studio



    Machines of Discourse | Liam Fallon

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