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Opening Times


Monday - Sunday

14:00 - 17:00

86 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6NG. 

Tickets are required for visits

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PINK is delighted to present Funny, Blurry and Everything Hazy, a solo show of new works by artist Pippa Eason, hosted and curated by Mark Devereux Projects. 


I used to put a building block box on top of my head

I had a plastic cooker in the garden and made mud pies

I had a blow-up chair, but my mum said it made my hair static

I used to roll up pieces of the Argos catalogue and eat it

I once fell down a manhole on my bike 

because I wasn’t watching where I was going

I used to watch The Snorks every Saturday morning without fail


Our memories are often intangible, abstracted combinations of objects, relationships and moments in time. We celebrate, reminisce and mourn for what they were or what they could have been. Funny, Blurry and Everything Hazy is a solo exhibition of new works by artist Pippa Eason at PINK, Manchester, in which she combines her own childhood memories with stories collected from people she has spoken to over the last 2-years of her research project.


Eason has embraced the act of childhood play to create a series of whimsical works, building a sensory explosion of vivid colour, humour and familiarity. Ranging from large-scale hanging drawings, tiny sculptures moving through the space and life-size inanimate objects spewing sugary odors from their pores, the artist invites us to enter her sensory world of imagination and recollect our own memories of joyful times.


Funny, Blurry and Everything Hazy marks the conclusion of a two-year collaborative project with curator Mark Devereux in which they have worked together to question our intrinsic experiences of memory and how this impacts on our personalities.


“One of my furthest memories of childhood play was at my Aunty Janet’s house, tying string from the kitchen through to the living room. I hung my Aunty’s kitchen objects and ornaments from around the house. Looking back this was my first art installation and my fascination with objects surrounding me has continued throughout my life.”  (Pippa Eason)


Funny, Blurry and Everything Hazy launches at PINK with an opening celebration on Friday 17 September (6-9pm). The exhibition then continues until Sunday 3 October. Visits to the exhibition and opening should be booked in advance at


With special thanks to:

SEESAW, 86 Princess Street and Brui Studio

Funny, Blurry & Everything Hazy is generously supported by:

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