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A monthly meeting; a simple social structure instigated as a way to facilitate moments for collective self-reflection. 


DIALOGUES is an open format for sharing knowledge, experience and thoughts. It is a space for communicating and offering ideas, being open to accepting and exploring new ideas; whilst using this space to pause, to articulate and to assemble around the spaces and conditions we operate in. 

We are currently hosting this via Skype (because let's face it, online is all we have at the moment...) but in doing so we are working towards the creation of a space where we can co-exist within each other’s ideas, work and process. The aim is to create space for a series of open-ended discussions that are structured to serve as a potential future; fermenting a research process by entering into an open, collective and collaborative dialogue with others.


Each discussion is centred around a set of themes set either by PINK or the DIALOGUES participants, charting the questions raised and thoughts provoked; working towards the collective authoring of a working Google Doc, bringing our collective thinking together as something tangible - something that we can offer as a research resource.


DIALOGUES is currently on hold whilst we take some time off

DIALOGUES will return in Spring 2022.

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