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12TH JULY - 13TH AUGUST 2021


Andrea Kerstens

Vera Mota

Owen Herbert (et al.)

Kara Chin 

Harley Kuyck-Cohen


with an extended essay by Katy Morrison

This is available as a free PDF download via our WEBSHOP

PINK is delighted to present Acting on Behalf of Thinking (AOBOT), a group show bringing together an assemblage of works that explore sculpture as a performative site of critical inquiry.  


AOBOT plays host to five sculptural contributions that explore performativity in its many forms and understandings; using this concept as a reflexive encounter that enables us to redefine how material and physical thinking can be viewed as a site of inquiry between the artist, artwork, viewer and setting. 


Working in a meaningful way with ideas of relation, process, method and structure, AOBOT presents the unfolding of sculptural situations that seek to question the dynamic process of meaning-making, agency, gesture, action and material language. AOBOT invites a thinking through of the complexities of performativity as a concept and method, and how it can be explored or expressed through sculptural practice; assembling an active scenography of material thinking that openly asks: How does performativity intercept with material to produce new spaces of meaning?  


From structural stages to spatial bodily-objects, each work serves to disrupt and charge the space of the exhibition as an unfolding performative environment. Calling up monumental moments, productive aesthetic encounters and multiple experiences for embodied processes of thought. Offering an intra-action between performativity and material that extends from the process of production, through to the encounter with the viewer.  

With special thanks to SEESAW, 86 Princess Street, Brui Studio, M3 Industries, Megan Cowley, Jonathan D'Alton and Rhys Mills

for supporting this exhibition by offering their space, time and skills. 

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