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BLM Resource Archive

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, we have all been made more aware of police brutality and racism, even that which exists on our very own doorsteps. The sheer support and desire for change has been incredibly inspiring and is something that we can't proceed on without acknowledging and sharing our very own support for very much needed change.

It has taken time to read and re-educate ourselves on issues that most definitely need to be taught in schools and all other areas of life to ensure that BAME voices get the opportunities that we have all benefited from, especially the arts.

As we work to build PINK, we are working to build a structure of support. Part of this process is an active building of resources that we hope will serve us, our artistic community and beyond. We are currently researching and in the process of bringing together a list of funding opportunities and resources to support BAME creatives that we sincerely hope can be of use. Offering support is essential to what we are trying to achieve as a project. Whilst we have limited funds, we can re-distribute our knowledge, and we are more than happy to provide support in the form of statement and application writing, as well as creative and critical support.

We must all try to make a difference, whether by protesting, donating, vocalising or self-organising on a local, national or international level. This is just the start, and we are listening and ready to do whatever we can to enable change for the better.


For more information or support, contact PINK directly via

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