A Conditional Construction in the Making

[ Written by Katy Morrison for an open call hosted by The School of Commons ]

The following words are the notes in my journal during the month of April, that serve as a space to think through PINK. I don’t have the ability to make sense of them at the moment,

nor do I think I need to make sense of them.

Right now.

This has been an intense moment of research.

I was tied up in a tense, blinding moment of launching a project space, only for it to be halted.

What has since followed, is a frank, but useful re-thinking.


PINK is built on a complex constellation of ideas, knowledge, processes, and people. An assemblage created, over a year ago now, in a bid to make space for the critical conversations brought forward by the curatorial as a method of research.

We hadn’t begun.

We were in the process of becoming,

we were actually meant to launch in Dec 2019,

but everything keeps blocking our path, like some sort of infinite system of rehearsal.

Maybe we shouldn’t actually do this?

In this transition we thought that we had stopped,

but in fact, it is more productive to say we had paused,

not succumbing to a false sense of productivity,

in a moment that demands a slow reflection.

We are pausing to explore the articulation between research and material work.

During a moment that has forced us to sever our physical connections, positions and relations

within our collective constellation, we have found ourselves isolated and alone.

Rehearsing our own curatorial reality.

Rehearsing complicated sites of the curatorial,

practising a new language, a new lexicon of gestures, actions and rhythms.

Re-imagining the parameters of the curatorial,

a re-situating of the centres, the peripheries and the decisions made in positioning ourselves.

This moment has altered the space-time form of the exhibition,

the apparatus through which most art is seen;

drastically shifting the relationship with our artists and audiences.

It has called for a new system of production,

but also this moment has also offered us an opportunity to recalibrate rhythms

in work, and in life.

It brings with it multiple spaces with multiple contexts,

all of which are producing their own gestures and action.

An opportunity to explore new curatorial boundaries,

expanding the project beyond the walls of its physical space.

What is your opportunity here?

We have taken some time to breathe.

But we can still hear the voices,

the pressure to take control of the shaping and reshaping of the conditions we once had,

the circumstance and the structures.