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PINK was due to launch its physical space in April 2020, but due to the ever-shifting Covid-19 situation we were forced to reconsider the ways in which we were to engage with our curatorial ideas and planned programme. 


We didn’t, and still don’t see this as a race to move our plans online - instead, we have opted to understand this moment as a precious opportunity to connect; taking the time to process and better understand the ideas and people we were planning to welcome in. 


With the continued erosion of the exhibition space as we know it, and the building of PINK as a physical project remaining uncertain - the question of how we can practically demonstrate collective knowledge building becomes more important than ever. 


This process of thinking began with the creation of OFF_CENTRE. This saw us produce an artistic research journal that sought to develop an interdisciplinary dialogue on a chosen subject - working to understand how multiple perspectives on a local, national and international scale might be productively combined to explore the potential for future discussions and collaborations. 


Then we wondered how this act of bringing together could be returned to questions of programming. Asking how we could build a working space that played host to the thinking and practices of our invited collaborators. A space that could operate as a structure where our curatorial thinking and visions are set out, and where it is possible to enter into a discussion with individual and collective methodologies - building an intimate connection with the ideas behind the productions to come. 


Introducing  ___ MATERIALS 

Material can be defined as the matter from which a thing is, or can be made.

It can undergo a process of relating to, being derived from, or consisting of, something. 

As the project(s) expand, so will the materials and we want to make this process as visible as possible as we work to construct a constellation of interrelated material; understanding this curatorial archive as an instrument for the generation of research, as much as it is a space for documentation. 

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